Early Childhood

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for Educators and Leaders

ABOUT Early Childhood Professional Development


Early Childhood Professional Development provides engaging and impactful online courses and workshops for early childhood educators and leaders. Each course is designed to empower educators and leaders to transform the quality of work with their colleagues, children and families.

By emphasizing the need to deeply respect and nurture the possibilities within each child, teacher, and parent, these professional development courses and workshops, encourage educators by inspiring them to bring renewed energy and passion to all aspects of their work.

The online workshop offerings are an extension of Susan MacDonald’s ongoing work supporting the early childhood field as a speaker, author, and professional coach.

Here’s a “live” speaking clip of Susan


How to have Inspiring Conversations in Early Childhood Leadership, With Susan MacDonald

Susan has been extraordinarily successful in supporting and promoting the development of a highly skilled, reflective and professional teaching staff. She is creative and entrepreneurial and would bring leadership and sensitivity to any position or project in
which she was engaged.

Susan – You are a truly focused and determined ECE professional. Your ability to self-reflect and build your repertoire is outstanding! You epitomize putting vision into action.

Susan has had a tremendous impact on the hundreds of people who have been fortunate to work with her – children, parents, staff, students, and professional colleagues

Susan MacDonald